Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Score! Vintage Aquarium "TP" Holder

Bachman's Idea house.  If you are lucky enough J to live in the Minneapolis area (or not) - this "house" was the former Bachman family homestead; and (4) times per year (changes seasonally), it is an "idea house" featuring vintage and re-purposed finds.  I am only taking credit for having purchased this item; and well, photographing it.  It made it's way from the Idea House to the Bachman main store (fabulous floral/nursery) and finally to the "sale" area where I paid 1/2 price (@$32) and felt great about that.  Ever since seeing it, I had been hunting for an aquarium similar and short of buying something 'new' at Petco, I just waited.  Just need the sticky dots and it will be put it into use.  Disclaimer: No fish were harmed in making the transition.


  1. Practical and cute!!
    Creative thing to do with an aquarium..who would have thunk it! lol
    Have a great day!!

    Deborah :)

  2. Is this tank for sale? These vintage tanks with the bulb edge glass are very hard to find! I am looking to restore my grandfather's 1931 ten gallon tank, but can't find a source for that bulb edged glass. What are the dimensions of this one?