Tuesday, January 10, 2012

(WORD of the YEAR)

Whew - it's been a year since I started this blog (with all good intentions). 

Intentions:  I would design, decorate, re-purpose, re-do and show fabulous "after" photos like everyone else.  But, unlike everyone else, I didn't make it a priority or I may not be as talanted and instead put off projects for I'm not sure what (looking back.)

Goal: I had hoped the blog would be fun and motivating but instead I found it to be pressure and wasn't sure I could 'compete' with the real design pro's out there -- like Miss Mustard Seed who is my daily bible. :)

Anyway, word of the year = TODAY.  I will do something today because I have no reason not to -- as one quote goes -- "if not now, when?"  So I am going to try to be a more faithful blogger and hopefully have some ideas to share, or more likely ask for your input -- as in, what the heck should I do with this roadside discard?

Thanks for listening; linking to The Lettered Cottage WORD of the Year